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We like to keep our consumers up to speed with how to select the best bed and bath products and how to care for them. Below are examples of some of our most frequently asked questions.

If you have a question, please send it in (through the contact us section) and we will endeavour to answer it.


What are the different types of fabric used in your bedlinen/sheets and what do they mean?

Carded Cotton
This is the cotton used for standard 50% Polyester / 50% Cotton Muslin fabric.

Combed Cotton
Cotton which has had all short fibres and impurities removed from long cotton fibres that have been carded. Combed yarn is finer, smoother, stronger, and more compact than carded cotton. Combed Cotton is used for Actil’s percale fabrics.

Thread Count
The actual number of threads used per 10 square centimetres (threads per square inch) of woven fabric. The higher the count, the finer the fabric.

A fine, lustrous, smooth cloth with a minimum thread count of at least 220 threads per 10 square cm’s (180 threads per square inch) and above.

Muslin has a lesser thread count than Percale. Muslin is more loosely woven and feels rougher than Percale as it is woven with a thicker, coarser thread.

Woven Fabric
The process of forming a fabric by interlacing vertical and horizontal yarns called warp and weft – often used for yarn dye designs in checks and stripes.

Woven fabrics manufactured by using the Jacquard attachment on the loom. This attachment provides versatility in designs and permits individual control of each of the warp yarns, resulting in complex, intricate patterns.

Fabric incorporating detail that is stitched onto the material by needle and thread/yarn.


What do the care symbols you use on your bedlinen and towels mean?

Care symbols Explanation
warm_wash_40 Warm wash - 40ºC
gentle_warm_wash_40 Gentle warm wash - 40ºC
cold_wash_30 Cold wash - 30ºC
gentle_cold_wash_30 Gentle cold wash - 30ºC
Hand wash
donot_dry_clean Do not dry clean
line_dry Line dry
do not  tumble dry Do not tumble dry
warm_tumble_dry Warm tumble dry
cool_iron Cool iron
warm_iron Warm iron
hot_iron Hot iron
donot_iron Do not iron
donot_bleach Do not bleach
dry_clean_using_p Dry clean using perchloroethylene, white spirit or fluorocarbons



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